Our Team

The Trifin home team is based in London, financial capital of the world, conveniently located for Heathrow!

Projects are normally executed with the help of trusted global partners - independent operators we have known for a long time.  We get additional corporate support, resources and infrastructure when necessary from established London-based bankers and lawyers with whom we have enjoyed good relationships for a similar period.

Composition of each project team is agreed with the client-partner, and may include local professionals like accountants, realtors, lawyers and industry specialists depending on the tasks to be undertaken.

Andrew Marcus Fox, Chief Executive Officer – MA (Cantab), Econ / Land Economy

Founded Trifin in 2010 as a new vehicle through which to capitalise on experience, partners and resources built since Tiger Securities.

After completing Economics and Land Economy at Pembroke College Cambridge became Eurobond trader in London, then a Senior Manager Domestic Treasury at State Bank of Victoria later absorbed into Commonwealth Bank in Australia.

Founded Pacific Gemini and moved to Russia in 1992, soon afterwards founding Tiger Securities.  Appointed British Honorary Consul to the Russian Far East in 1998.  Returned with family to Melbourne after a good decade in Russia then moved to Vietnam in 2006 and home to London in 2009.  Frequently in Russia.

Born in London 1963.  British and Australian citizen, fluent in English and Russian,  three children.  Served as Trustee of DH Charitable Trust from 2008.  Member of IoD, Carlton Club and CISI (Diploma Level 4 Investment Advice - Derivatives).

Email:  AMF@trifinpartners.co.uk