Global Partners

We are not going to list all Trifin global partners on this public website.  Here below are five key members of our team, assisting with projects as and when required.  They are all trusted independents with whom we have worked in most cases for about twenty years.

Ajay Kaushik, Offitex Ltd, Limassol, Cyprus - B.Commerce (Hons) and FCA (UK)

Mr Kaushik became Chief Operating Officer for Tiger Securities and associates in Cyprus in 1996.  Since then, as well as handling administration and accounting for multiple companies and client-partners registered in Cyprus, he has been involved in projects in Russia, Belarus and Australia.  Mr Kaushik is married with two daughters one of whom, Anita, has joined Offitex.

Chief Beston Mwakalinga, Tanzania / Poughkeepsie, USA – Acctg/Finance/Fraud investigation

Chief Mwakalinga is a Tanzanian-born US citizen, having lived in the US since 1981.  1993 – 2002 he served New York City and State as auditor / fraud investigator.  Now is an established independent consultant active in US-Tanzanian diplomatic-political-charity matters.  He assists in Tanzania and US with Insurenet and ECOMO.  Chief Mwakalinga is married with three children.

Adrian J Palmer, Amadeus Consulting, Melbourne - MA (Cantab) LLM / PostG Dip (Comp Sc)

Mr Palmer was recruited to head Financial Engineering and Capital Markets at State Bank of Victoria from his post as Treasurer of Swiss Bank International in London.  Mr Palmer was an active advisor to Tiger Securities and serves on various boards with Mr Fox.  From 1998 he focused on electricity and carbon markets and serves on the Business Advisory Council for the Minister of the Environment.  Mr Palmer is married with three children and a grandson.

Alexander Starodubtsev, Tiger Securities Ltd, Vladivostok, Russia – Far East Maritime Uni

Mr Starodubtsev, an early employee of Tiger from 1994 following maritime degree and management training in France and Ireland, has worked there continuously and now serves as General Director.  Mr Starodubtsev manages the Tiger team supporting projects in Russia / CIS, especially active in Uzbekistan and Belarus.  Mr Starodubtsev is married with four children and a grandson.

Peter M Tarrant, NestNY, New York – (Northeastern Uni, Boston) Business Management

Mr Tarrant encountered Tiger in 1994 in Russia where he was promoting Australian foodstuff exports.  Later cooperation included Uzbekistan juice consultancy and now ECOMO marketing.  From 2004 Mr Tarrant has been a leading figure in US digital advertising and is now an executive of NestNY an incubator for Finnish and Russian firms seeking US presence and access to knowhow, capital and markets.  Mr Tarrant is married with four children.